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3 squares in Scandicci. IT
definitive and executive project
date: from 2003 till 2006
client: municipality of Scandicci
square Spontini in  Scandicci (FI)  
Spontini square
This project was born out of a desire to distinguish two specific areas for its users: a public square for the neighbourhood and a large play area especially for children. The square’s design incorporates the spontaneous paths that the locals had created in the original park. Date: february/june 2003. Quantities: 2.620 m2

San Giusto square
The garden of S. Giusto in Signano was transformed into an area that satisfies the varied needs of the neighbourhood's inhabitants. Several existing elements inspired the design: trees that naturally define the main square; spontaneous paths that had been created through the existing flower beds, and which now define the new walkways; the existence of meeting places, or 'urban living rooms', which have been turned into small sub-areas with seating. There is a large fountain with jets of water emerging from the ground and a generous playground situated in the square’s most sheltered area. Date: february/june 2003. Quantities: 33.200 m2.

Borgo ai Fossi public garden
The project’s objective was to create a green square for the neighbourhood of Borgo ai Fossi, located in the industrial outskirts of Scandicci. The existing constraints guided the arrangement of the various functions: a road that crosses the village opens into a large open square; a canopy of trees along two sides shelters a parking lot and vegetable garden; and a wall at the back serves as the backdrop for a children’s play area in the most protected zone. The design of the garden begins with these larger areas and breaks down into a geometric design, creating flower beds, paths and more intimate seating areas. Date: december 2005 / september 2006. Quantities: 1.360 m2.