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8x8 Event in Florence. IT
‘La scala dell’abitare’ (‘The Stairs/Scale of Living’)
date: may 2005
project team: 8x8 network
publication: Parametro n.260
 8x8 Event in Florence  
‘La scala dell’abitare’ (‘The Stairs/Scale of Living’), initiated by nuvolaB and Acme architecture, was the 8x8 network’s first event. The eight flights of the staircase in a historic palazzo in Florence, located just a few steps from Ponte Vecchio, hosted the work of eight Florentine architecture, design and graphic arts groups. The eight teams focused on one of the most traditional and mutable concepts of society: living.
The project was introduced at the building’s entrance, while the core of the exhibit took place on the palazzo’s staircase. Each group used a flight of stairs for an installation consisting of models, videos and slides, which showed their own interpretation of the rooms that comprise the classic living environment – kitchen, dining room, living room, study, bathroom, bedroom, terrace and basement.
Unedited reflections on a theme both complex and rich with ideas demonstrated the evolution of society and its daily habits over the years.
The exhibit concluded with a display featuring the radical Florentine architecture group Zziggurat (who once worked in this palace), which included an archive of drawings, models, photographs and other materials. A few objects chosen from the original studio testified to the passage of time and the transformation of place. It was an occasion for celebration, with the festivities including three days of performances, debates and events.