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temporary ramps in Venice. IT
double phase competition, first prize
date: july/september 2005
client: municipality of Venice
with acme architetture
publication: 'Progetti e Concorsi’, 11/2005
provisional ramps in  Venice  
‘Up!Zavorra’ (‘Up!Ballast’) was the winning project in the competition for the construction of provisional ramps for the Venice Marathon. The two elements of the project are the ramp and its support: the ramp is designed as a reticular metal beam, while the support is made of ballast bags from a road construction site. The metal beam can be coated with different materials, depending on budget constraints and the desired visual effect, and the orange polyester ballast bags can be filled with various types of material, ranging from sand to water, expandable clay or air. The bag offers many advantages: it is lightweight, easily transportable and can be easily printed on, which allows it to become an instrument of communication or to be used as a promotional tool. It is also adaptable to other urban applications.