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8x8 event in Florence. IT
'Urban Script'
date: december 2005
team: 8x8 network
event: 'Script', Festival of Architecture and Media
8x8 event  
The 8x8 network is involved in an on-going research project that sees human action as the ‘activating element’ in addressing spaces in need of re-evaluation, re-thinking, re-stitching. For the eighth edition of the ‘Festival of Architecture and Media’, 8x8 proposed a variation on the festival’s theme, ‘Script’, with a temporary urban installation that involved the city by opening up a dialogue between the event and the city itself.
The project, ‘Urban Script’, took place along the road that links the two poles of the event: Piazza Annunziata and Stazione Leopolda. Along this route a single urban story, made up of multiple mini-stories, was told through installations – one by each of the network groups – set up at the bus stops along the urban Ataf bus line no.1. The meaning of each installation didn’t reveal itself immediately, but rather held a subtext – an implication ‘between the lines’ that required concentration and curiosity in order to be understood. If the journey is a story – a series of notes in the margin – one can enjoy discovering unusual and paradoxical readings of the places one walks through ... places that invite the passerby to marvel even at a ‘simple’ bus stop. Because it’s not just the destination, but the journey itself, that matters.