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provincial headquarters of Arezzo. IT
competition, second prize
date: february 2005
client: Amministrazione Prov. di Arezzo
quantities: 4.000 m2
with Ipostudio AA (project director), F. Matucci
provincial headquarters of Arezzo  
The project for the new headquarters of the Province of Arezzo is organised around various internal courtyards and a public space at the entrance. From the outside the building has the appearance of a medieval village with projecting towers, and is constructed in a single material and raised off the ground in order to maintain a sense of urban continuity.
The innovative internal organisation generates comfortable interior spaces, with the various offices organised vertically around the courtyards to ensure a compact design. In order to allow optimal exposure to the sun the offices are arranged in an L-shape around the courtyards, and the second floor is stepped back. Both the outdoor terraces and the presence of greenery help to create a more pleasant work environment.