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exhibition in Florence. IT
'Lampi d’Ingegno', exhibition in Palazzo Pitti
date: april/june 2006
client: Comitato Oltrarno Promuove
quantities: 600 m2
with acme architetture
exhibition in Florence  
The Museum degli Argenti in Palazzo Pitti is composed of three frescoed halls totalling 600 square metres. A dialogue between past and present – expressed through the use of spotlights – has been chosen as the theme for exhibiting objects of artistic craftsmanship. The exhibition pieces are illuminated simultaneously with corresponding fresco fragments. The continuously changing illumination is controlled by a computer, which varies the intensity according to programmed sequences. The pieces are displayed on a support consisting of a single large contemporary form: a pure ultramarine-coloured ‘snake’ that contrasts with the rigidity of Renaissance palace.