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8x8 event in Florence. IT
'In Ordine Sparso', Triennal of Florence Architects
date: september 2006
client: Ordine degli Architetti di Firenze
team: network 8x8
publication: Opere, n.13-14
8x8 event in Florence  
The First Triennial of Architects of Florence was promoted by the Board of Architects of Florence, with the collaboration of the Commune of Florence and developed by the 8x8 network. The principal exhibition location was a temporary space on the site where the new architecture headquarters is to be built, followed by a series of urban installations that further explored the world of architecture by involving the city.
The intention of this event was to provide Florentine architects with more visibility through a temporary exhibition of projects, ideas and writings. The typical selection process used for choosing the work and the participants was omitted; there was instead a direct integration of a diverse range of content, thus creating a truer, more immediate portrait of Florentine architects and the nuances that characterise them.
‘In Ordine Sparso’ (‘Disordered Order’) was the title chosen for this first event. On the one hand the name illustrates the character of the event – which is lighthearted in comparison with the image of contemporary architecture – but it also expresses the very ‘form’ of the exhibit, which was loosely structured and enabled it to go beyond the usual boundaries of the exhibition space. The title also incorporates the democratic aspect of this important initiative, which is a-hierarchic, egalitarian, cross-sectional and far-reaching.