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garden in Padula. IT
'Ortus Artis': competition, shortlist
date: july 2006
client: DARC – Ministero dei B. Culturali
quantities: 450 m2
publication: 'Paysage’ n.1, 2007
giardino a Padula  
As a universal container capable of absorbing different kinds of energy, a closed box, or cell, has the ability to regenerate itself through the phenomenon of periodic 'purification'. The garden design competition was held in the cloisters of the monastery of Padula. The only variables in this neutral environment are defined by the seasonal blooms of the chosen plants: herbs, bougainvillaea and jasmine. With their scents, shapes and colours, they surround the void as symbols of the natural world.
Cascading water, beyond its function of irrigating the plants, provides a system of ‘REFRESH’; the space is therefore constantly renewed, allowing for a ‘purifying’ experience. In this metaphysical place the black represents the conceptual void – a neutral backdrop that invites reflection – while the water’s reflective properties appear to multiply the dimensions and the various points of view.