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mobile pedestrian bridge in Venice. IT
competition, first price
date: july 2006
client: Arsenale di Venezia spa
collaboration: Acme architetture
publication: ‘Il giornale dell’architettura’ n. 44
mobile pedestrian bridge in Venice  
The new mobile bridge linking the Gagiandre bank and the Tese Novissime bank will be an indispensable element for the new cultural centre at the Arsenale navy yard in Venice. The design criteria stipulates that the bridge posses a clear presence, create a low impact on the existing surroundings and feature the mobility required to address the water element. The bridge assumes a horizontal aspect, appearing as a single reticular metal beam. As it opens, the platform begins to float across the water, with two hydraulic pistons on the north side allowing movement; the passage of boats is permitted by rotating the bridge 90 degrees.