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8x8 event in Florence. IT
'SuperFLUO, creativity in emergency'
date: ottobre 2006
direction: prof. Carlo Terpolilli
project team : network 8x8
location: Fortezza da Basso, Florence
8x8 event  
‘Superfluous: creativity in emergency’ is an open laboratory – a space for experimentation and ideas dedicated to crisis situations. Emergency projects are generally perceived as being technical in nature; less explored but also important are their social, psychological and creative aspects. The structures and equipment for emergency situations are intended for communities that have experienced a considerable trauma, whose members have complex needs that cannot be reduced to the mere 'practical' fulfilment of basic functions. It is important that the technical and the creative aspects are not perceived as being separate, but rather explored in a more integrated context.
Professor Carlo Terpolilli, in conjunction with the 8x8 network, developed ideas for dealing with emergencies in an interactive forum with the public. The title ‘Superfluous’ refers to the non-primary, but still important, needs. These are met through the provision of containers, which are ideal for being transported, stored and filled. Each group from the 8x8 network designed a ‘superfluous’ container, which together formed a full-scale emergency village of containers that provided everything from social opportunities to entertainment, ranging from achievable design to metaphoric visions.
NuvolaB created a cinema by transforming a container into a projection space interspersed with soft white cushions. Visitors were able to lie back and enjoy an original montage of famous scenes of devastation.