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handicap accessible bridge in Venice. IT
feasibility study
date: march 2007
client: ufficio PEBA, municipality of Venice
collaboration: Acme architetture
publication: Mark n.10, p.21, Amsterdam
handicap accessible bridge in Venice  
The project calls for a solution to make the bridge of Ca‘ di Dio handicap accessible. This is strategically important for the PEBA (Piano di Eliminazione delle Barriere Archittetoniche di Venezia, or ‘Plan for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers of Venice’) because it allows access to a large area in the centre of Venice and a number of historically and culturally important places.
The bridge is highly visible (along the lagoon between San Marco and the Public Gardens) and fairly high up. In conjunction with the Municipality of Venice and the Superintendent of Historical Patrimony, 15 solutions were developed, ranging from ramps overlapping with alternate walkways to 8% grade ramps and various suggestions for gently graded steps and escalators. Currently in development is a footbridge that will parallel the existing bridge while integrating with its silhouette.