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disabled access footbridge in Venice. IT
definitive project
date: October - November 2009
client: municipality of Venice
quantitative data: 25 m
with P+P aa, Passaleva Associati (engineering)
rampe provvisorie a Venezia  
The project of a disabled access footbridge parallel to the Ca' di Dio bridge in Venice was selected by EBA (local office for the elimination of architectural barriers) together with the Cultural Heritage Department of Venice from a range of solutions offered by a previous feasibility study. Our intervention aims at reducing the impact of the footbridge on the context, minimizing its visibility from the waterfront. The footbridge consists of a line divided in two, with a steel structure on a single span. Its shape is functional both in elevation – to accommodate the ramps – and in plan – to suit the configuration of the docks Riva degli Schiavoni and Ca' di Dio. The design of the walking surface guarantees accessibility thanks to the use of stepped ramps.