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municipal library in Maranello. IT
competition, third prize
date: may 2007
client: municipality of Maranello
quantities: 1.300 m2
publication: 'Progettare la Cultura', Maranello
 municipal library in Maranello  
In order to optimise the budget and allow for the distribution of the library’s various zones, the plan does not call for the complete demolition of the existing factory. A public courtyard with a portico is carved out of the centre of the building by cutting away two central spans; intended to serve as a ‘filtering’ zone, it helps maintain continuity with the existing pedestrian area.
The resulting design was guided by the existing parameters: a rather hidden site that needed to somehow draw attention to its location; a building that, thanks to its shed roofs, offers exceptional natural light as well as the possibility of accommodating solar panels; and a small public garden that lies between the two buildings and allows access to the library.
Access to the various functions of the new library is clear from the central courtyard that is created between the existing structure and the new volume; it serves as a circulation space as well as a meeting point and a place to sit. At the back of the new courtyard is a cafeteria, which can be extended outdoors in warm weather. The rest of the ground floor is also designed with a high degree of flexibility, and can be completely opened up to the outdoors.
On the ground floor are the two wings of the existing building, which house the zones that get the most use by a diverse range of users: the library, the consultation room, the news room and a children’s area. In the basement there are more enclosed areas with videos, DVDs and music CDs, as well as the historical archives and restrooms. The first and second levels of the new building are reserved for reading and study.
The design also offers the benefit of natural ventilation, with the new vertical volume functioning as a sort of ‘chimney’; thanks to adjustable openings at the top, it ensures ample air exchange and energy efficiency. The double glazed skin permits natural heating during the winter.
The original brise-soleil system, as well as allowing shade in summer, gives the new library a dynamic ‘talking’ identity. Large letters made of panels of wood can be adjusted by sliding them along tracks, allowing them to be changed to suit the needs of the public and according to the season.