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museum in Saarbr├╝cken. DE
date: april 2007
client: Stiftung S. Kulturbesitz
quantities: 2.600 m2
museum in Saarbr├╝cken (Germany)  
Derived from the pure geometry of the Museum of Saarbrücken that lies opposite it, a new form that contrasts chromatically with the existing one has been introduced. The black cube absorbs light (which is transmitted inside through deep cutouts), renewing the identity of this urban façade that represents not only the museum of contemporary art, but also access to the urban park that extends towards the river. A wide pedestrian avenue highlights the entrance of the new museum upon arrival from the existing underground parking, while a second entrance located on a small paved square faces towards the city.
The interior spaces are centred around two full-height light shafts that serve to bring diffused light inside, visually link the various levels of the building, facilitate circulation between the levels and allow for natural ventilation. On the first floor is a restaurant overlooking the park and the river and a series of stepped terraces leading down to the lawn, which can be transformed into an arena for hosting events in the park. The new extension is connected to the existing museum by links running underneath the lawn, which are punctuated by light from above.