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exhibition in Florence. IT
'Tatut', Festival della Creatività
date: october 2007
curator: prof. C. Terpolilli
location: Fortezza da Basso, Florence
exhibition in Florence  
Discussing demolition today causes mixed feelings. In Italy there public opinion agrees on the demolition of structures that ruin the landscape, but it is often difficult to imagine alternative urban forms that would guarantee an improvement over the existing. More than merely providing new models for future building, we believe it is important to convey the message that demolition is an indispensable part of the regeneration process of the city, which has been superimposing signs of this ongoing process since its birth. In this age of communication, the image is the most powerful instrument of information, so we decided to focus our research on the image of the city – on its ‘face’ – which, translated into architectural terms, is represented by the façade it presents to the public. The disassembling of the image of the city can therefore help the public to imagine the urban scenario with which they can most identify, to re-trigger the process of settlement that for so many decades was interrupted by an indiscriminate consumption of land caused by modern urban expansion.
This project involved choosing various building façades in Florence – on Via Masaccio, Via di Novoli, Via Aretina and Borgo San Jacopo – and asking the public to cover them with contemporary façades that had been removed from their context and then superimposed, at the correct scale, over the existing buildings. The new face of the street then becomes a puzzle of decontextualised urban images representing an ever–changing environment, where both the present and a possible future can communicate and confront one another directly.