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masterplan in Duinbergen. B
restricted competition 'Open Oproep''
date: june 2008
client: municipality of Knokke-Heist
quantities: 5 ha
team: TV Orizon (Goossens&Bauwens), Technum
masterplan in Duinbergen (Belgium)  
The competition was commissioned to qualify a system of public spaces in Duinbergen, a tourist village on the Belgian coast. The project is organised around a wiggly promenade in the back of the seafront, assuming the role of an alternative and complementary sea boardwalk. The itinerary opens near the existing squares, guaranteeing continuity of materials and urban furniture. In the middle a dune is designed as an artificial park, connecting the area with the seafront by landscape modelling. Motor and pedestrian traffic has been reorganised to avoid intersections.