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Ortigia island waterfront. IT
design competition by invitation
date: March 2009
client: municipality of Siracusa
quantitative data: 35.160 m2
with acme architetture
lungomare a Siracusa  
Our project aims at giving a new dimension to the waterfront, as it currently appears as an undefined, empty space. Although different aspects need to be considered, a single organic approach will be followed in the reorganization of the area. Starting from a double conceptual action – a redefinition of the city limits on one side, and the natural border on the other side – the project intends to create three different systems that will interact with each other and with the city of Siracusa, allowing the formal and aesthetic problem of the waterfront to be solved. The three spaces involved are the urban area, the waterfront and nature. Each one of them plays a specific role in the city's life and it is approached with a different methodology.