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wine cellar in Arezzo. IT
feasibility plan, definitive project
date: January 2009 – ongoing
client: Tunia farming company
600 m2 (cellar), 800 m2 (renovation area)
cantina vinicola  
The new wine cellar project for Tunia farming company originates from the combination of the client's requirements and a careful study of the context. Two main ideas were developed: (1) "The borgo" – the constructed area around the cellar – will be renewed and expanded by recovering the existing architectural volumes and restoring the main farmhouse, which will regain a dominant position within the estate. (2) The cellar will be renovated and relocated in the basement rooms of the farm. This intervention will take advantage of the natural morphology of the site, as it will not only favour a gravity-driven winemaking system, but will also allow an expansion of the uphill area, where a spectacular terrace overlooking the entire farming company will be built.