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public gardens in Almeria. SP
design competition
date: November 2009
client: municipality of Almeria
quantitative data: approx. 60.000 m2
parco ad Almeria  
The main idea is to recreate an urban space on two levels. Taking advantage of the natural shape of the site, further excavations can be avoided and the construction process can be carried out in a more 'natural' way – only by addition of elements. A square that follows the design of the city is inserted and used as entrance to the gardens, recovering the visual-perceptive language of Almeria. One building will house all the functions and future activities of the park, thus becoming its new entrance gate. The public gardens are designed as a series of 'rooms' which redefine the existing archeological site through a rhythmic sequence of new green areas and water gardens, places where people can meet or simply pass through.