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Pantelleria waterfront. IT
design competition, first prize
date: April 2010
client: municipality of Pantelleria
quantitative data: approx. 30.000 m2
with AEI Progetti (engineering), M&E (systems),
    Scintec (renewable energies)
lungomare a Pantelleria  
Pantelleria waterfront's renewal project is conceived as an urban composition of architectural elements of varying dimensions that are included and developed in a wider reorganization concept of the town's waterfront. The most significant element that inspired the entire renewal project of the competition area is the castle, a structure that must be taken into consideration both on a horizontal and a vertical level. The principal requirement is to carry out the project with a single architectural gesture, despite the different areas of intervention within the waterfront. These same areas are meant to be re-knitted into the existing urban fabric, a project that may be developed through a series of later interventions.