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TA house in Pisa. IT
design and realization
date: September 2012 - July 2013
client: private
quantitative data: 203 m2 + 15 m2
casa TA  
The project is the restoration of a large residential unit on the top floor of a building in the historic center of Pisa.
A strong partnership with the client allowed us to design the new residence, bringing the philology of the old rooms back, clearing the space from some more recent low-qualtiy interventions, and finally working with a particular focus on energy savings. The main idea works on two parallel levels: one overall flooring that reconfigures and unifies all the spaces, and the creation of thematic ceilings, using the existing language of the sloping roof surfaces.
The living functions are rationally divided into four main - ambiances. Beyond the entrance, a small filter studio and then the sleeping area. One part is dedicated to the children, hosting two bedrooms with a playroom; a large furniture element divides the kids' bedrooms from the parents' one, with its private bathroom. The living area is placed diametrically opposite and is divided in a large and comfortable living room, connected to an outdoor terrace with barbecue area, and a well equipped kitchen-dining room which occupies the other half of the space. Taking advantage of the ceiling double-height, a small mezzanine floor is obtained to accommodate utility rooms and closets.