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B&B Il Battistero in Ascoli Piceno. IT
project and refurbishment
date: June 2010 - June 2013
client: private
quantitative data: 250 m2 + 76 m2
Ascoli Piceno  
The idea

The project begins in 2010 with the intent of renovating a big apartment at the top floor of a historical palace overlooking Piazza d'Arringo and only few meters away from the octagonal Baptistery, one of the most picturesque spots of Ascoli Piceno.
The major challenge was to bring an architectural dignity back, mostly to the part of the residence dedicated to hospitality.
The role of the mansion emphasizes the fusion with the surroundings, an outstanding example of single-material city, entirely built in white travertine.
The inner ambiances overlook directly the square and keep a chromatic balance with the visual glimpses; the terraces are designed as lounges plunged into the whiteness of the stone, becoming convivial spots where continuous perceptive exchanges happen.
The idea of welcoming guests through the transformation of a part of the apartment into a B&B leads to maximise the flexibility of the new inner functions.
In order to feel closer to his own habits, the user is free to interprete and customise the ambiance, still remaining in a new familiar context.
Sleeping is conceived through the design of three fitted rooms with private bathrooms. The bed, conceptually indivisible, becomes versatile and adaptable in different solutions to better welcome the guests.
Having breakfast has been located in the major ambiance of the house, allowing the guests either to meet and share some time, or enjoy their own privacy. All the spaces , according to the season, benefit of the extremely free relation between inside and outside.
The new living, the focal point of the residence, is enhanced and designed around a staircase made of small and large steps, a real crossroad between the indoor and the outdoor terraces. The stairs have both the lively and curious function of climbing to the roof and the more particular one of sitting to chat or listen to some music.

The rooms

The room is imagined taking into consideration the simplicity of the space. A bed to sleep and a multifunctional architectural volume which contains the bathroom, the shower and the wardrobe. From the bed you can get a glimpse of the Cathedral imposing facade and its belfry.

#14_the suite
The central room is designed as a more intimate space, where chilling a bit longer becomes a true pleasure. The bed lays on a warm wood base together with a minimal box for the bathroom and a large shower in the middle of the room. Two bright windows to admire the square in all its beauty.

The corner room is conceived as a set of functional boxes distributed between the windows, the only ambiance which overlooks the square from two different point of view. Being in the room becomes a dynamic experience.