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public square in Picanya. SP
design competition
date: March 2010
client: Ajuntament de Picanya
quantitative data: approx. 2650 m2
with Esther M├Ętais (landscape)
piazza a Valencia (Spagna)  
The project intends to carry out a non-invasive intervention that would highlight the pre-existing elements on site.
1. Scenery. As the palm grove is very characteristic of the square, it will be maintained and expanded, leaving the present configuration and proportions unaltered; the central void will be maintained too.
2. Volumes. The stage/exhibition area will no longer be a technical element unrelated to the square but will be turned into a place connected to the urban space: it will act as the new entrance to the museum and will be adapting to any other possible use.
3. The central space will become the heart of the town, the perfect setting for its major social and cultural activities. The pavement will be divided into parallel stripes on which the urban furniture will be organized. It will be possible to move the benches along the stripes, so that the space can be freely arranged according to the different activities the square may host.
The result is a mobile, versatile space in the service of the community.