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water center in Moubra. CH
international design competition
date: October 2010
client: municipality of Crans-Montana
quantitative data: approx. 6.700 m2
with AEI Progetti srl (engineering), arch. A. Prezzi
centro acquatico a Moubra (Svizzera)  
Located east of the Moubra lake, the site can be currently perceived with undefined boundaries, like a void resulting from different, unconnected urban and landscape elements (the lake, the wood, the parking, the camping site). The two main axis are particularly important: the east-west axis reveals a charming view on the lake and valley, while on the other side, a thick wood and several buildings strongly restrict the view on the surrounding landscape.
The construction of a Water Centre represents the perfect occasion to create a mediating element between the anthropized and the natural environments, thus naturally redefining the boundaries of the site. In order to execute such a large project in such a delicate environment, it has been agreed that the construction must have the least possible visual impact on the landscape.
The greater part of the project will develop at the basement level. This solution will allow us not only to minimize external walls, but also to integrate the building in the surroundings. A green roof will cover the top, while the front will be harmoniously designed to face the great central void. The main entrance will be located in the centre, allowing visitors to access the pools and the wellness area. Smaller structures will be erected on the green roof to host the activities requiring a higher position or a favourable viewpoint.