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urban axis in Chari. IT
competition by invitation, third prize
date: January 2011
client: municipality of Chiari
quantitative data: approx. 1.200 m2
with Netmobility (mobility), Ferrara-Palladino Associati
    (lighting design)
asse urbano a Chiari  
Viale Mazzini is currently a mere infrastructure in the town of Chiari, whose useful but sole function is that of a traffic artery. The analysis of the context and functions of the thoroughfare clearly showed an urban discontinuity due to a monofunctional transit area that is not capable of becoming a 'place' as it fails to integrate with the surrounding urban fabric. The project approach will therefore investigate a wider area all around Viale Mazzini: the goal is to create new connections between the diverse functions, within a general framework playing a significant urban role.
General purposes:
- Provide the town with a new representative place with a strong identity, capable of reconnecting different civic functions within an urban 'system' with diversified and integrated paths.
- Create a quality place for social gatherings that enhances the most valuable elements thanks to the renewal of the adjoining spaces.
Project strategies:
- Redefine the connections bonding Viale Mazzini to the adjoining functions, which are therefore intimately related to it.
- Suggest new functions and sceneries to be introduced along the avenue.
- Reorganize entrances and connections.