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urban planning study for Pully city centre. CH
urban planning study by invitation
date: February 2012
client: municipality of Pully
quantitative data: approx. 6 ha
with Francesco Allievi's engineering consultancy
This study investigates ideas and solutions to rearrange the city centre. Some isolated interventions have been carried out near the original village but no global approach was followed, resulting in the creation of a chaotic and hardly legible space. Between the historical fabric and the new city centre in the northern area, there develops a 'middle city' with no clear identity, where public spaces are poorly valued and the different areas are impossible to be re-knitted together. Within a range of different solutions presented in our study, the project of a square facing the LĂ©man lake is selected. The square will have the function to reorganize the urban context, knitting the varied identities of the town together into the urban fabric thanks to the use of open views and new landmarks.