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project for Numaport area. CH
design competition
date: January 2012
client: municipality of Neuchâtel
quantitative data: approx. 43.000 m2
with Aleph srl (mobility), B+S (engineering)
Today Numaport's urban sector is considered a 'place of transition', characterized by intermodal transfer points (harbour, parking area) and high mobility flows of all kinds: private and public transport, soft mobility, aquatic transport. As a matter of fact, though, the great predominance of motorized transportation and its intrusive infrastructures currently creates a barrier between the city and the lake. The main purpose of the project – to facilitate physical and social interactions – is accomplished through the coexistence of several functions and flows in a permeable, uninterrupted and differentiated physical space.
The project idea aims at enhancing the essential qualities of this urban sector (large open spaces, intersection of flows, monumental fronts, panoramic views) as they can stimulate a lively social life and a new civic identity.
The project has three major goals:
- connect the city centre to the lakefront
- slow down the flows and encourage soft mobility
- turn the most 'noteworthy elements' into places with a specific function.