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public spaces in Bernex. CH
two-stage competition by invitation, first prize
date: April 2012
client: municipality of Bernex
quantitative data: 36.680 m2
with Allievi's engineering consultancy (mobility), B+S
    IngĂ©nieurs conseils SA (infrastructures - environment)
In the next few years, the municipality of Bernex will be included in a highly developing urban context along the axis Geneve-France. The ancient village of Bernex fears a future competition from the northern urbanization that would act as the new centre of gravity for commercial activities. Our preliminary study determines the scale of the three different cities, redefining a global renewal and rearrangement plan for Rue de Bernex.
The main idea is to reinforce the central role of the historical village. The institutional and commercial functions are promoted by implementing soft mobility connections between the existing and the future towns. The project refers to the language of local rural environment, giving new meaning to the boundaries defining land and private property parcels.
A wide range of flexible solutions for soil treatment, vertical closing elements, vegetation and urban furniture becomes the perfect compromise between public and private.
The mobility study rearranges the traffic flow, turning Bernex into a more people-oriented town with a specific identity, a goal the northern contemporary city will never achieve.