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masterplan in Givisiez. CH
study by invitation
date: November 2012-February 2013
client: municipality of Givisiez (CH)
quantitative data: approx. 220.000 m2
masterplan Givisiez  
The settlement provides for 1600 new inhabitants, tertiary and small crafts activities, a big sports complex (partially already existing), a urban farm and a cultural center within a historical building. The project is developed in continuity with the morphology of the existing fabric and integrates a big tree-lined park with a cycle and pedestrian path, which connects the countryside on the west to the city on the east. The new district is oriented following the best sunlight exposure and terrain orography. The result is a main east-west weft, with linear transversal buildings. In correspondence to the street, this system rotates and, in the proximity of the single villas area, gets fragmented. The plot closest to the highway is, instead, designed through high rise typologies, hosting offices at the low levels and housing above.