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waterfront Chillon. CH
open competition
date: March 2013
client: Foundation Château de Chillon
quantitative data: 12.000 mq + 300 mq
waterfront Chillon  
The lake waterfront presents several valuable aspects, such as the views towards the castle, the path along the lake, the natural shore. Opposing these qualities, a massive infrastructural system, dedicated mainly to transportation, compromises the identity of the spot. The intervention is based on three main points: - redesigning the path along the lake. - reasserting the natural landscape in opposition to the infrastructural one. - reorganizing the plot as space for relationships, both visual and functional. The project “d'abord le bord” ( primo bordo? si puo' mettere tra parents la traduzione virgolettata, ma non ero sicura del significato in francese) sums up these three goals: a new edge for the lake, constituted by a continuous bike and pedestrian path, which gets articulated through natural and public spaces, accommodating new specific functions (cafeteria, bookshop..).