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housing in Epalinges, site 501. CH
two-stage competition, second stage
date: March - December 2013
client: municipality of Epalinges (CH)
quantitative data: 2.790 m2
with A. Giromini, SD Ing., P. Chuard Ing., K. Bauwens
The project proposes an approach to the existing urban fabric. The new building's profile extruding and bending along the lot, defines the new front in continuity with the existing one. On the ground floor, the facade opens in two points and creates arcades leading to the inner court. Adding balconies and irregular windows to the elevation, enriches the volume through different fragmentations.

A green filter along the perimeter of the lot separates it from the busy street and creates an internal intimacy. The social and commercial arcades allow good circulation of people and, together with the garden, create the conditions for a dynamic public space.