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housing in Epalinges, site 575. CH
two-stage competition, third prize
date: March - December 2013
client: municipality of Epalinges (CH)
quantitative data: 6.600 m2
with A. Giromini, SD Ing., P. Chuard Ing., K. Bauwens
The design for the new residential buildings in Epalinges has a double purpose:
-Assure the best integration possible with the existing urban fabric and the surrounding natural environment,
-Distribute the functional program into four buildings in order to reduce the scale of perception.

The synergy between the existing medical center (EMS) and the new residences is reflected, on a general planning level, with the distribution of small buildings around the EMS. These new volumes, comparable in scale and character with the existing fabric, seek through their own architectural language a clear relationship with the future inhabitants. The orientation and the connection with the context (in terms of views, exposition and site topography) determine the pentagonal shape.