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masterplan for Tolochenaz. CH
urban planning study
date: May – July 2013
client: municipality of Tolochenaz (CH)
quantitative data: approx. 130.000 m2
The municipality of Tolochenaz invited three architectural and urban design offices to design a new 13-hectare settlement. Within a study led as a workshop, the professionals confronted themselves with a team composed by twenty experts, in charge of evaluating the different proposals. The project envisages a new settlement for 2200 inhabitants and 600 working spaces plus a school, a new metro stop, some craftsman's activities and an exhibition hall. The general goal is to integrate the new high density and mixed neighborhood with the existing urban fabric, composed by agricultural plots, an important natural site and a rural village. Furthermore, the intervention aims to minimize the impact of the existing infrastructures (highway and railway) on the new settlement, which will host a commercial core addressed to the neighborhood.