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school canteen in Merano. IT
two-stage competition, second stage
date: August 2014
client: Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano
quantitative data: 990 m2
with M&E srl (plants), Ing. N. Pecorari (structure)
The building is designed as a multifunctional shed which can accommodate different functions: a canteen, a new bus stop with kiss 'n' drive, a path to the school, a lift that makes accessible the below floor. Both the choice of this shape and its position on the northern area, allows to identify the building as the new 'door' access to the school campus and, at the same time to enhance, through the roof horizontality, the mountain views, looking the campus from the city. The public square will further enhance the new building as an informal meeting point for events or for other functions not necessarily related to school activities. The dining room is organized as a large space visually and physically screened through a terrace towards the vineyards and the mountains. The main spaces will be ensured by natural lightings from the northwest window and from roof slots that filtering the zenith light.