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urban axis in Laives. IT
two-stage competition, second stage
date: June 2014
client: municipality of Laives
quantitative data: approx. 12.000 m2
with Esther M├ętais (landscape)
The surrounding landscape provides the elements to redefine Kennedy's road identity.
The road is marked in its length by a cross-sectional drawing that echoes the plot of the vineyards and orchards in the surrounding.
This new design has two aims: improving an instinctive traffic slowing and improving the pedestrian space use. This last aim "mends" and integrates the zones that line the road: the shopping walk along the facades of the buildings, the transversal paths enter from the two sides and connect the various parts of the city, the enlargements which become small squares in front the Don Bosco centre and kindergarten.
The views of the surrounding mountains will be enhanced through visual cones openings, while the rock is evoked through the use of the porphyry stone in various forms: cubes, slabs and in the form of aggregates in the cement floorings.
The "pergola" local structures used in agriculture are revisited as shading elements to be placed throughout the project area, integrated with lighting and signs.
The design result will be an homogeneous space of easy orientation and easy coexistence between vehicular and pedestrian areas.