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housing and nursery 'En Cojonnex', Lausanne. CH
open competition
date: June 2014
client: Société Immobilière SILL
quantitative data: 9.605 m2
with arch. Andrea Giromini
The objectives, the type and the articulation of this project were defined as the objectives. The masses and the shape of the settlement were modeled looking for the best sun exposure and the views of the countryside from all apartments. These two objectives were added as requirements to protect the homes from traffic noise and the compact buildings to improve their energy efficiency. In addition to these components it should be regarded, for the paths and public spaces, the relationship with future volumes for the nearby hotel school. The three volumes arranged in a U form have met the highest number of goals.

The high quality required for the interior, the flexibility and the demand for meeting space and relationship also has oriented the typological choices. The gallery type distribution contributes to the sharing of the common area of ??the central court, it stimulates social cohesion and reduces costs. While the south building has rooms with a terrace faces the street and the living area to the court, the two other buildings has the living rooms passersby with rooms on both sides. The apartments can easily increase or decrease their size, thanks to a system of construction of box-type, wooden cross sheets made panels.

To facilitate the use of the balconies and protect the privacy of the living room the facade facing the court was divided in order to allude, for each apartment, to semi-private areas. Common areas are different for each building types: close to the staircase on the ground floor, on the back of the court for outdoor activities, and finally at the top floor to enjoy the light and the view of the Alps.

The building at the end towards the square and across the street has a kindergarten, while at the opposite side the driveway goes to the underground parking. In the basement there are also the atomic-proof shelter, laundries and other technical areas.