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faculty of pharmacy in Zagreb. CR
open competition
date: november - decembre 2014
client: Zagreb University
quantitative data: 18.500 m2
with Goossens & Bauwens BVBA, Bertrand Labedan
The volumetric principle intervention is to keep the lower part of the lot to give continuity with the green botanical garden, enhancing with a pedestrian and bicycle path all the site. The program is broken up into multiple volumes to better fit into the built environment, to reduce the monolithic effect and to give more permeability. The preference of the buildings separating the project into three volumes correspond to three different functions and orientation (N, S, W). These various heights buildings, inserted into the topography and fragmented, softens the impact of the volume of the park and valley. The relationship with the Zmahevac street, suggested to introduce a road axis enlargement, in order to be able to place worthily the entrance of the new FBF. The entrance of the complex is located in the middle of the 3 blocks on the lower level, where the square and the terraced steps lead visitors in the lobby. The front square is an exchange and meeting place, where the urban furniture, the vegetation and the southern orientation contribute to make it a pleasant and resting place, making the university a place dedicated not only to learning but also for recreation.