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housing in Zollstrasse in Zürich. CH
open competition
date: january 2015 - february 2015
client: Stadt Zürich
quantitative data: 17.350 m2
The new block edges are defined by three volumes in relationship to the late nineteenth century urban district scale, showing two poles of attraction, two small squares. The complex want to express a new language of the city, expressive and functional. The windows cuts reflect the internal rooms dimension and iron balustrades recall a recurring type in the district. A new pedestrian route ( "walk") reach the terrace above the tracks. It runs along the railroad creating spaces for public use mainly, strengthened by the possibility of interaction with a restaurant and the residences. In the western part of this area is located a kindergarten defining a safe area dedicated to children. The internal distribution path interacts with each block through more elevator shafts, creating internal meeting squares and double volumes spaces, as the common reception. Public functions at street level have been strategically deployed to emphasize the small squares, overlooked by the restaurant and the coffee respectively. In the central block it is privileged all medium-small retail shops, so assuming a perfect continuity of business activities throughout the day. On the road, the main central entrance of the complex becomes the most important junction of the internal distribution path. The theatre foyer becomes the intersection of the "cultural system" and the residential complex by encouraging the synergyc project elements: the cluster offices with the theater, the pension with the restaurant, flexible rooms with cafeteria. The building entrances are underlined by a small recess that is intended to shelter from the sun or rain, and to opens the visual perceptual flows with the streets of the neighborhood. The block covers offer three accessible terraces for recreation and collective entertainment to the inhabitants.