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museum centre of the lunigiana. IT
advantageous tender procedure
date: novembre 2014
client: Province of La Spezia
quantitative data: 600 m2
with: Paolo Ranieri (director), Nonois (video-editing)
The methodological approach in dealing with the project started by the key search for an idea that would work by visual and conceptual metaphor, and could permeate to what the whole exhibition will be.
Delivered this key to the visitor, the museum it can be explored choosing how and when to deepen and enrich their visit, not only within the walls of the Citadel fortress, but also externally by going directly in the narrated places.
The idea is the continuous return to the territory and therefore the environmental and historical context to which this museum is dedicated. The aim of the project is to expose to a wider audience the richness of the fortified system of Lunigiana, an expression of the historical, artistic and human of the two provinces of Massa Carrara and La Spezia.
Simple wooden frames characterize the setting of most of the halls and becomes the main theme that we find in the ticket office and info point, in the structures that support the panels, in the halls.
The structure refers nicely to the verticality of the Lunigiana woods, to the "construction site" fences raised to build cities and castles, or to the simple structures to raise country houses, useful tool to evoke the castles environments.
The idea then to use the facilities to host the panels for multimedia projections makes the museum dynamic, easily modifiable and adaptable to future developments.