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town service building in genthod. CH
open competition
date: septembre 2015
client: commune de Genthod
quantitative data: 3.700 m2
with T. Jundt sa (structure), M. Humbert sarl (MEP)
The sensitive area suggested to model the volumes following the landscape and social characteristics of the site. The main objectives are
- Minimize the impact and the pollution of the new building services
- Reduce the built scale
- Open the site and make it permeable to the sight
- Maintain and strengthen the plant heritage
In the project the buildings are located in the free zone area in order to avoid from the neighboring villas the noise and the visual of the new building. The compact form allows the optimization the footprint on the ground, the energy efficiency and reduce construction costs.
The shape fits to the context with two slidings: downwards the shed and upwards the firehouse. This solution places all business activities to the south level street from the natural soil thus reducing the visibility of vehicles and parking lots.
The perception of the new building, compared to the inhabitants of the neighborhood, is filtered thanks to new high-stem trees planted and the noise reduced thanks to new sound barriers. The site remains largely free, maintaining its image of the grass. The sight from the road now is free, and only the fire station is shown, at the same level of the natural terrain.