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cycle and footbridge in bellinzona. CH
engineering invited competition
date: october-decembre 2015
client: canton Ticino, city of Bellinzona
quantitative data: total lenght bridge 170,5 m
with Majowiecki (project leader), F&M ingegneria
It is fundamental the reconnection of the two river banks to revive the ancient connection and to produce a real transformation of the site of project: preserving the environmental beauty that characterizes the park in front of the old bridge arches on the flood plain, and open the property's landscape. For this reasons essentially is avoidable the introduction of any kind of support in the park. At the same time the right flood plain space, which acts as a filter between the river and the N2 road, must be identified by introducing an elementary sign, highly recognizable, capable of giving order to a system for its disjointed nature, creating unity. On the N2 road the bridge will gradually close itself, creating a filter, a barrier to the infrastructure. In the opposite direction, towards the Ticino river, the walkway will open to the landscape, the views on the river and on the park. The metal walkway structure will have a built-in floor concrete area. The new flooring will also extend to the Torretta deck, adapted and detached from the old historic cobblestones road and the new entrances will switch adapting to existing routes. Two small squares will aim to be a meeting point and stops for users. Franscioni's street access proposes to extend and level off the slope and the old cobbled stairs to the roundabout with a 6% ramp to the existing. The old roundabout will remain for vehicular maneuvering space, the sidewalk will be levelled for pedestrian and cycle use. The new bicycle national route will run along the river banks and will expand near the entrance to the old tower bridge. Streets furniture for the users, dominate the descent to the park, reminiscent of the archaeological ruins.