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regeneration masterplan in capannori. IT
ideas competition
date: february 2016
client: comune di capannori
approx. 650.000 m2
with Terre s.r.l. (urbanist)
Capannori is currently characterized by three different urban moments which represent its centrality: the town plaza to the north, the church plaza and the city of Tassignano.
The project aims to connect these three polarities through the recovery of a central road and the identification of two green routes for soft mobility.

Design scenarios corresponding to the three urban moments are the following:
- The polarity of the new Capannori currently suffers the weight of heavy infrastructure on a weak urban fabric. The proposed combined densification, replacement and processing actions, define the central public space to restore a best scalability suited to the context and some urban design solutions will match this transition from the borders to the centre. A new green thorn will constitute the beginning of this system.
- The historical centrality of Capannori has been enhanced through the repaving and the redesign of public spaces. The extent of actions to upgrade the road surface to the courts of ancient entrances will also encourage the redevelopment of historic settlements.
- The Tassignano polarity is regenerated by converting: the station plaza, the Artemisia pole and the former distillery.