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nuvolaB is founded in Florence with five architects. Its members - David Benedetti, Jan De Clercq, Angelo Ferrari, Giorgio Furter and Nicola Lariccia - bring together their varied professional experiences from France, Holland, Belgium and Italy, ensuring a multi-faceted approach based on a continuous and direct dialogue for each project. The firm concentrates mainly on architecture and urban design, both public and private.

Our research focuses on the ability of architecture to establish emotional and interactive relationships with its users, and explores the concept of 'flexibility' in terms of the ability of an object or process to permit rapid and continuous changes. The objective is the creation of spaces that inspire users, encouraging the uninhibited interpretation and expression of the public. The direct environment is examined as a potential starting point for considering various possible developments.

Our working method is organised around continuous discussions and meetings between both nuvolaB's members and its collaborators, which results in both a wide variety of viewpoints on issues and the potential to explore design approaches with the assistance of multiple interpretations. Each project begins with interactive processes that cover social, aesthetic, economic and technical aspects, thus building a complete set of data from which, through synthesis and simplification, initial concepts and guidelines are then determined.

Our other activities are centred on organising and participating in seminars, publications and workshops. In conjunction with the Ottoperotto network, founded in 2005, nuvolaB develops awareness initiatives that use recognisable languages to suggest new meanings, with the goal of involving also - and especially - those not working in the field of architecture.

We remind specially Piernicola Assetta with whom everything started (1971-2004).